About Convergency

About Convergency

Convergency Communications is a performance marketing agency founded in 1998.

We bring clients to startups, small and mid-sized businesses.

We have been involved with web development for over 25 years and do everything you don’t want to do – but need to do – online. Most of our clients need the basic digital marketing services:

  • website content management and optimization
  • website hosting/infrastructure management
  • sales funnels, landing pages and contact form
  • email marketing, blasts, list management
  • website, social media automation
  • website analytics and custom dashboards
  • search engine ranking
  • social media management
  • pay-per-click advertising: Facebook, Google & LinkedIn

Our Clients

We work with clients in consumer health care, high tech business-to-business, outdoor apparel, sporting goods, travel, consumer entertainment, consumer education, advertising and telecommunications.

Domain Names

We occasionally sell domain names from our inventory and occasionally represent third party domain owners in selling their domain names. You can view our list of domain names for sale at any time.